CRUSH Collection

“We aim to create high-quality knitwear for effortless style and well-being.”

CRUSH Collection was founded in Shanghai in 2009 by Vivian Chang. Inspired by the intimate feeling of 'having a crush' and the optimistic hope that come along, CRUSH Collection aims to create high-quality knitwear for effortless style and well-being. Focusing on natural fibers and functionality, the brand translates urban chic into comfortable, easy-to-care-for even multi-purpose knitwear collections for the fasting-pacing metropolitan lifestyle.

We source premium cashmere in China and Mongolia.

CRUSH Collection is specialized in premium cashmere. Sourced from the best suppliers in China and Mongolia, the cashmere is dyed, treated and knitted with mindful care to preserve its outstanding softness and warmth while achieving various thickness and textures for everyday comfort.

Since 2018 we have also started using natural raw silk for its sophisticated gloss and perfect weight and smoothness for the Spring Summer Collections. 











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