Vivian Chang

The Story

CRUSH Collection was founded in 2009. The brand’s founder and creative director Vivian Chang adopted the term “crush”, that warm rush of desire and affection, to capture the lightness of being and hope that come with being blissfully infatuated with somebody. Vivian Chang spent many years studying in Los Angeles and currently splits her time between her home in Sweden and in Shanghai. The brand’s DNA is deeply rooted in Vivian’s own experiences – the laid-back ease of the West Coast, the minimal aesthetic of the Nordics, and the energy of a global metropolis. Each facet imbues CRUSH Collection with confident modernity and an appreciation for the healthy and natural way of life. Classic minimalist design is re-interpreted to emphasize personal comfort, creating a relaxed elegance that transitions well across multiple environments from morning to night. CRUSH Collection’s blend of effortless style and functionality has resonated well with consumers and has received recognition and acclaim from top international media and buyers. 

Since the beginning, one of the brand’s core ethos has been healthy and natural living. Only the purest natural materials and fibers are used whenever possible. CRUSH Collection keenly selects the finest cashmere that is sumptuous to the touch and contains naturally superior functionality. Having mastered the craft of cashmere, the brand has expanded its innovative development of materials and technique to natural silk, unparalleled in its breathability, pliable yet tough. The brand’s dexterous application of cashmere and silk offers active globe-trotters a brand-new, unparalleled experience in comfort and warmth. In addition to sourcing the highest quality raw materials, over the years the brand has sought to optimize its production and shipping processes to eliminate waste and improve cost efficiency.